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Exciting news! Our agency is participating in DSP+, a new incentive program for Direct Support Professionals (DSP's) to reward you for the critical role you play in caring for vulnerable Oklahomans.

What is DSP?

A Direct Support Professional (DSP) provides care for aging Oklahomans or people with developmental disabilities. This job helps the people DSPs support face different challenges, learn new things, build greater independence, grow through good and bad days and celebrate successes on their journey to creating lives they’re excited to live.

Who do DSPs serve?

DSPs play an essential role in supporting people with developmental disabilities and aging Oklahomans, helping them live their best lives at home, work and in the community.

What do DSPs do?

No task is too small for a DSP. From assisting with personal care like hygiene and meal prep to coaching a client on building new skills and relationships, DSPs help people navigate their daily lives and have fun in the process.

What qualities make a good DSP?

DSPs are called to care. They lead with kindness, curiosity and a strong desire to learn. Common qualities among most DSPs include:

  • Flexibility

  • Adaptability

  • Patience

  • A great sense of humor

  • Calm in the face of challenges

  • Creative thinking

  • Problem-solving

  • Connecting communities

  • Advocating for other people

Here's how it works:

  • Enroll now at
  • Receive a $1,000 retention incentive after working a full calendar month after enrollment. So, if you enroll by January 31st, 2024, you'll receive your incentive payment by the end of March.
  • Every sixth month until the end of the program, you will receive another $1,000 incentive payment.
  • Employees are responsible for paying 7.65% in employment taxes, as well as federal and state withholding taxes on the incentive.

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